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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Just Goodfellas...

May 26th, 2015:  Many of you are not surprised at the corruption of horse racing and just think it's part of doing business. Please do not miss this point. Penn National was quite literally bribing your public officials and law enforcement as I had pointed out. Not only are they stealing peoples money, they are corrupting your state. That's your real danger. Do not miss this opportunity. You're going to see all of these arrests in horse racing. You're going to see some of these public officials get arrested. Don't let them cover up this crime. This is an opportunity to clean up multiple states. Trust me, there will be a carry over. Penn National has more than one track. Do you believe this is the only track they have corrupted, or state that got corrupted? See my video "Connected" at the end of this post for how this extends into your state government.

And I'm going to make one more prediction; Penn National will close down. You see, they have already lost money last year. But we don't know why they lost money. I believe they are pulling equity out of all of their properties. Which is why their debt service goes up - to show a loss! You know what I also believe? The FBI is letting them do it! Because we caught them in a cover up. See, Penn National knows this, and I think they are leveraging the Feds, because Penn National knows the Feds are going to cover up for them. Lets not forget these people are criminals, and that's what they do! So the deal is struck to allow them to pull out their equity. And game over for Penn National. Pay attention to their stock.
- Mike Gill

Tim Wilmott, President and CEO of Penn National Gaming, discusses casino real estate with Andrew Benioff of Llenrock Group. Part III.

May 27, 2015: ARE YOU STILL NON BELIEVERS? You don’t think Penn National is an organization of the corrupt? You don’t think they cut a deal with the Feds?

They are not just liquidating equity in real estate, they are selling all their stock too! CEO Tim Wilmott (see attached article), in the last 30 days, has liquidated all of his shares! You could say he’s “cashing out”. He only has .30% interest left in the company! You know what that means? We are close to the arrests because that would have had to have been the deal with Penn National. Before the Feds yelled ‘fire’, they need to make sure everybody gets out of the building! 

So now that they have and taken out their equity, the deal has to be that Penn goes down.. Or whatever is left of it. You know, like stock holders. Reminds me of the scene from Goodfellas when Polly takes over a restaurant, runs up the bills, cashes out, and they light a match. The only difference in this story, the Feds light the match.  

Timothy Wilmott just Unloaded 5,750 shares of Penn National Gaming, Inc (NASDAQ:PENN), be careful if you are long! 


For more information of how this corruption extends into your state government, watch my video "Connected":

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pending Pennsylvania Arrests

It is a corrupt organization of cooperation that runs through our states these law firms have diced up. You're going to see multiple arrests in Pennsylvania, based on a video "Wrong Side of The Tracks", everything I'm saying is coming true. I asked you when this all happens in horse racing to please pay attention to what I said about the corruption in our states. I have absolute proof...we have to make them look. The reason it's so hard to get them to look is that they'll know what they will find... there is no other explanation...because if I was wrong what the Justice Department would find is nothing. So why wouldn't you look if you were innocent? It's really that simple

-Mike Gill

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Email exchange between Ray Paulick and Mike Gill

Here you see a copy of an email exchange between myself and Ray Paulick, where Mr. Paulick attempts to address some of the connections I brought up in my most recent video below, "Connected"...

>>> On 5/18/2015 at 11:03 PM, in message <>, Ray Paulick <> wrote:

I’ve watched a few of your videos, including one posted on Youtube last Thursday called “Connected.”

I’d like to set the record straight.

You said I am “defending” Ted Little’s text messages and somehow tie that in to people’s lives being threatened. I am not defending any text messages you have shown on your videos. When I said someone may be pulling your leg it was strictly in reference to a text referencing something about “the truth about Alan Pincus and Ray Paulick.” The truth is Alan Pincus is an attorney who has represented many people in horse racing – including you. I’ve spoken to Pincus on numerous occasions as a horse racing journalist to get a comment about the people he is representing as an attorney. That is “the truth about Alan Pincus and Ray Paulick.”

As for Ted Little, I do not recall ever communicating with him. The name is not familiar to me, except in this video. If I ever dealt with Mr. Little in any way in the past, I don’t recall it.

In another video you made some reference to illegal or offshore betting and tied my name to it. I have never had an offshore betting account of any kind, nor have I bet through bookmakers (land-based or offshore) – except on a visit to Newmarket in England, where bookmakers are legal. I have not knowingly associated with anyone who bets with bookmakers or via offshore wagering accounts.

If you are somehow tying me in with threats against your family members, you are 100 percent wrong. I don’t know anything about your family other than what you said on the video about having a son.

Ever since Minnesota elected a former pro wrestler governor and a former comedian to the U.S. Senate, I’ve never downplayed the chances of non-traditional candidates for public office. Good luck with your candidacy.


Ray Paulick

Paulick Report
Twitter: @raypaulick
Cell: 859 312-2102

Blenheim Publishing
3070 Lakecrest Circle - Suite 400-292
Lexington, KY 40513
On May 19, 2015, at 8:47 AM, wrote:

Regarding getting the record straight, you indicated that saying pulling my leg was only in regards to yourself and Pincus so you now understand that the rest of this is disconcerting and upsetting? So you think he is only joking when it comes to you and Pinucs, interesting.
You refer to Pincus being my attorney, this is the same attorney who sold me out in these law suits. He was working with Penn National and has been for years. He is an ambulance chaser who is always the first on scene. Pincus is on the scene for Penn National, you know, working with the corrupt to protect the corrupt. Pincus is quite frankly an agent of Penn national. Now you know Alan Pincus and you claim to know about horse racing, and I believe you do as do so many of your readers. What I just told you about Pincus, you know and you've worked with Pincus. Part of the cover-up, just like the legal cover-up, is the media cover-up. You see that's your job. So back in 2010 you printed lies regarding me and then you reposted, just this year as I am getting close.
Mr. Paulick, you are playing in a game that is way over your head. See you know what is happening in Penn National, there are about 50 target letters from the FBI floating around at the race track, are you telling me that you don't know? The only thing I am giving you is that you do know. Outside of that, I am not impressed.
Here's something for you, you don't think the FBI knows what Pincus does? Of course they do, I've told them. You don't think they know who Ted Little is, of course they do, I've told them.
So you don't remember Ted Little, well clearly he remembers you. See he was working with Pincus.
Regarding my gubernatorial run, if what you meant by non-traditional is someone who came from abstract poverty, to living in a car, to being a champion in the sport that you love, that could be considered non-traditional. You know what else could be considered non-traditional, telling the truth. Ask yourself, from 2010 to today, who is telling the truth? I only took on the mantel of the most hated man in racing that you helped tag. Where I was standing up to race fixing and cheating the public. 
So if that's non-traditional, you know what? I guess I am.
Mike Gill

Mike Gill, President
The Mortgage Specialists, Inc. Main Street
Plaistow, NH 03865
office: (603) 382-3785
fax: (603) 382-0651
Please visit us at:

>>> On 5/19/2015 at 8:58 AM, in message <>, Ray Paulick <> wrote:
Thanks, Mike. I appreciate the reply.I don’t know enough about who or what Alan Pincus works for; I know that when Penn National recently tried to ban trainer Juan Vazquez recently (on two occasions), he was hired by Vazquez and got him a stay of that ejection. Penn National’s Chris McErlean was not happy. I don’t know how that means Pincus is working for Penn National, but you know a lot more about this than I do.

As for the target letters, I’ve heard many names and called some of the alleged recipients, who have denied receiving them. It’s pretty clear there are more chapters to come in this story. You’ll recall that I published your predictions on this matter going back three years now. I’m surprised it is taking so long.

I wish you would move to Pennsylvania and run for governor. Their racing commission is in dire need of change.


Paulick Report
Twitter: @raypaulick

Blenheim Publishing
3070 Lakecrest Circle - Suite 400-292
Lexington, KY 40513

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mike Gill Issues Statement On Joining The NH Governor's Race

I would like to make this clear. I am not a politician. I am a father and a businessman that found massive corruption throughout our state. I have asked for help only to find out that the officials we elected are a part of the corruption. The Attorney General's Office, the US Attorney, the Courts, they blocked all exits.
You don't see any other volunteers to deal with this issue. I only put an ad out for 10 million dollars for an attorney and I can't get one! What do you think that means? The attorneys all know the size and scope of the corruption! That is what it means! Open your eyes! I have three immunities in Washington right now that are willing to come forward and expose all of these people. It is quite simple. If there is no crime, what is everybody afraid of with these immunities? Will it prove there was no corruption and I was wrong? What do we have to lose? The obvious answer is that they do not want to lose their freedom.
My run for governor could be the only way to handle this corruption. Your vote is a vote against the corruption and a way to clean this up together.
If the Justice Department wants to step in and do their job, I have knees that need replacing and years of fighting every minute of every day. But until they do, I fight. Unless we have a volunteer to replace my efforts. All you need is the courage to stand up against the impossible, and the moral conviction that gives you no choice.


Thursday, May 14, 2015


The arrests are going to mount up quickly and you're going to see how organized crime works and see how long their reach is.  I have asked for immunities and I am close to getting them.  Everything you see on this video, all the evidence, is being forwarded to the Justice Department and I will continue to do so.

- Mike Gill



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