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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Mole!


I have attached a previous post within a brief video snippet of Neal Pike's deposition regarding Chris Driscoll.

Don't miss this opportunity! We have caught a mole from Liberty Mutual who is incriminating cases and protecting the corrupt.

I am going to ask the Justice Department for immunity for Driscoll, just as I have for Assistant Attorney General Head.

Please watch the following snippet, and feel free to watch the entire deposition at the link provided below.

State of Corruption NH
Watch the full deposition here:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Coming Soon "Exposed"

Coming Soon... EXPOSED  
What They are Not Telling You- Mike Gill 

"Tied To The Tracks", exposing the corrupt working to hide their own corruption in Pennsylvania and Penn National. 

It's mandatory that you watch this series of videos, "The Trilogy", leading up to the latest release:

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"The Fix"... Now Playing


     The evidence, the facts and the knowledge of how it all works, that is what this video brings you today. What this video shows you is the inner workings of your state and that their interests are self-interests and the interests of law firms and insurers throughout this state.  Be clear about this, they do not work for you, they work for wealth and power. I believe this video will answer my question, and the questions of the corrupt and that question is…

     When the people know the truth will they stand up and say enough?
     How many of you will stand up?
     I am asking for your help to get this message out.  I am taking money from no one, but social media is expensive so I am asking you to share this message with your friends and your family.  Our way to victory is to inspire numbers, so I need your help.  SHARE THIS VIDEO!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

How about this, sports fans?

Four days ago, just last Monday, I told you that Penn National was involved in this corruption and you were going to see more arrests. Guess what? Assistant racing secretary Craig Lytel, got arrested for wire fraud, race fixing, and bribery. But we aren't done, guess what else? Do you remember de-coupling?? Now we've got the state of Pennsylvania talking about eliminating horse racing and that it's in jeopardy. You're damn right its in jeopardy you put it there!! Starting with the corruption through Penn National, to the racing commission, to public officials, to the courts throughout Pennsylvania. You're going to see somewhere between 30-50 arrests in the coming weeks. What's to bet we don't get one politician, we don't get one judge, we don't get the owners of Penn National, and you don't get the truth.

Click here to read: Pennsylvania: ‘Sweeping Changes’ Proposed To Racing Industry ‘In Jeopardy’

Click here to read: Mike's previous prediction from Monday

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Fix

Do you know how I know this coming video is so important? It's the pressure and threats I am receiving about putting it out. The Federal Court has threatened to sanction me, and the AG's office continues to move with a summary judgment to close my business down. In addition, the banking department has also harassed to the point where during a luncheon with a fellow Gubernatorial candidate, Frank Edelblut State Rep (who sits on the committee of family court), asked if I was afraid of dying. He was referring to my attempts to expose corruption. I'll let Frank tell you what I told him, and releasing this new video will tell everyone else. I want you to pay particular attention. There was another arrest in Pennsylvania yesterday, for wire fraud, race fixing, and bribery. Everything that I have said is taking place. I am on ESPN radio, now running a series on Sundays at 11:00 across the country, to expose the mass corruption, which everyone thought was impossible. Sound familiar? They now know, and I can promise you, I am dead on with the issues of criminality going on in this state, and Massachusetts.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Short Odds

I give it 3-5, and in those short years most of your small tracks will be out of business. But don't worry about the casino operations, they will be just fine. In fact, they will be making more money! They never wanted to go into the horse racing business, they are in the casino business. You know, the money-making, for profit only business. Do the horses lose money? Yes they do. Do they bring negative light on the casinos? Absolutely. It's all part of the plan. In the months to come, you're going to hear the word de-coupling. That is where the casino operation will be separate to the racing operation. Or what I like to call it: Step One.

Now that they are separate, you can eliminate one, say horse racing, without the elimination of the other. And what you are left with is a cash cow, which was the plan from day one. Ninety-Three percent of Penn Nationals stock is owned by casinos. For instance, Wynn and Sands own approximately 70% of Penn National. I'm sure they were both dying to get into the horse racing business. So here you go, racing fans. The casinos use racing as a ploy to open up operations across the country. Most of them got in for a song, and Jesus only knows how much money they have "made", or should I say stolen. 

Don't worry, they did leave you something. Disdain from the general public which won't miss you, and corrupt politicians and state officials that remain directly in their pocket. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mike Gill on Roger Stein Show - ESPN

Gill Predicts Arrests
Mike Gill tells us what happens next.  Remember, everything that is happening he has already predicted.

ESPN confirms Mike Gill's accusations of corruption

Mike Gill was on Roger Stein's ESPN Radio Show Sunday Morning 8/16 at 11AM EST.  He has been invited to be a Weekly Contributor to the program, so tune in each week, KLAA 830/AM

Sunday 8/23 Broadcast, Mike Gill Excerpt

Sunday 8/16 Broadcast, Mike Gill Excerpt

This is not your ordinary spy. This one came from the Mafia.  Now you may find that hard to believe but you wont when you watch the rest of this video. Exposed while making Mafia Alive and well, turns out one of the wires to the Mafia, went right to her husband. Actual wires to the corrupt from the corrupt bribing the corrupt.



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