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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Tied To The Tracks"

Here comes "Tied To The Tracks" -  You have watched the Trilogy of how we got here. This video proves the massive corruption that you have within the state of Pennsylvania, and a cover up of their crimes, with the help of the FBI. If you are serious about ending corruption in your state, please watch this video.

Monday, July 20, 2015

"The Trilogy" and "Tied To The Tracks Preview"

Get ready for the update coming next week, "Tied To The Tracks": Exposing the corrupt working to hide their own corruption in Pennsylvania and Penn National.

It's mandatory that you watch this series of videos, "The Trilogy", leading up to the latest release. Click below for a new preview of all 4 videos.

Monday, July 13, 2015

COMING SOON: "Tied To The Tracks"

Get ready for the update "Tied To The Tracks", exposing the corrupt working to hide their own corruption in Pennsylvania and Penn National. 

It's mandatory that you watch this series of videos, "The Trilogy", leading up to the latest release:

Friday, July 3, 2015

Moving Into Position

Since the video "Play For Pay", action has been fast and immediate. The corrupt have been moving into position. This video shows you, with complete clarity, who and what they are doing to protect the corruption. Let's NOT let them escape.

- Mike Gill

Monday, June 29, 2015

State Of Corruption Update: June 29th 2015

- Mike Gill interview on GrokTALK! Radio Podcast:  George Lambert was invited as well, and the discussion which ensued got very lively. 

- Some of you have just been watching the last video or two and you wonder how we got here. The image below is a link to a chronicle of videos that takes you back the last couple of years, so you see the fight - How it started and where we have gone. Remember, we have a chance here to expose corruption at it's highest level. Look at the videos, see the evidence that we've uncovered, and the crime report form available here…/the-civilian-crime-repor… . Here's our case number DOJ CASE ID #: 2997869 - Simply state that there is enough here that you'd like to see it investigated.
We can do this, but we have to unite against corruption or we'll always be here or worse, and they are only getting bolder.

- Our most recent and 2nd most-viewed video EVER continues to expose not only corruption in New Hampshire, but also Massachusetts in their courts, and right into Pennsylvania, with evidence that there is an FBI cover up protecting the criminals from Penn National, and the politicians that they control.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Video of Mike Gill with George Lambert on GrokTALK! Radio Podcast

This is the videotape of the GrokTALK! Radio interview on June 20th. My interview and discussion with George Lambert

I want everyone to consider what I'm about to tell you thoughtfully: The corrupt knew how damaging it would be to cancel the FRM hearing at 10 PM last night, behind the radio interview with myself and Lambert, yet they still made that decision.  That only means one thing: Door #2 was more damaging than door #1 - And I want you to consider how damaging door #1 is. So, here's a question I want you all to ask yourselves - What could be behind door #2?  I don't know if I'm just speaking just for myself that I would like to know, but if you would too, then click the link below, fill these forms out and send them to the justice department.

Also, watch "On Notice" to see the victims' testimony at a Senate hearing earlier this year, where I also confronted lawmakers, which was soon followed by Judge Kacavas' resignation.

 The Victims
 The Guilty
The Corruption

For More on the FRM ponzi scheme and the corruption involved, go here

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mike Gill on GrokTALK! Podcast with George Lambert

This is a very important radio show I was on that you really need to listen to.  George Lambert was in attendance as well, and neither of us knew the other would be there. The Corrupt have been very busy since our video "Play For Pay".  I told you that video would have a dramatic impact, and it has. Please listen to this interview.

I told you we caught them in this radio program. And guess what the corrupt did? They cancelled the June 23rd scheduled 10 AM hearing for FRM at 10 PM last night, the 22nd.  They forgot to tell Senator Avard, who sponsored the bill, along with all the victims. The reason they had to cancel it, they could not continue with the plan, because we exposed it. As you can see below, they are waiting for justice, good luck.  The only way they find justice is if we give it to them, we the people, and throw these criminals out. Fill out the justice department form, tell them what you see & hear here, and tell them you want this investigated. Don't settle for being outraged, fill these forms out, and do something about this. This is only the TIP of the iceberg.

Here is the form. Fill it out. You can even do it anonymously!

 The Victims
 The Guilty
The Corruption

After listening, for the rest of the story, see the videos and evidence below:

Richard Head's notes:

Mike Gill & Victims of FRM Speak at State House



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