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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Art Of War

We can bring down the corrupt power structure of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, which runs through the politicians and judicial systems of these states. The video you are going to watch includes hard evidence that is conclusive of the guilt of judges, senators, United States Attorneys, and the largest law firms in these two states. All of this information is being forwarded to the Justice Department. Their biggest weapon is counting on the fact that you are going to be sheep and that the size of this is so unbelievable, wake up. Watch this video and you tell me if you still don’t believe.
-Mike Gill

The Real Depths of Corruption in Horse Racing

With the Triple Crown races coming up and the real highlight of racing, maybe you should all take a closer look at the real depths of the corruption in horse racing: Race fixing, money laundering, wire fraud, working with gambling syndicates, and corrupt off shore betting. These are the same off shore accounts that pay your politicians to protect them and keep them in business.
The District Attorney’s office in Pennsylvania was working for them. The Racing Commission has been bought and paid for.
Together we can bring this sport back to what we hope it to be, part of the fabric and history of this country.
- Mike Gill
Former World Champion

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lawmakers call for investigation of Pa. casino operator that withdrew from $225M project

Has everyone read the most recent article about Penn National? And how they are backing out on a race track casino deal, in the same state...Pennsylvania? Everybody's wondering why...well I tried to tell you why.  Do you think you build an addition on a house that's on fire? That's what's happening, they're going to jail.  And Kathleen Kane, I think that's a very good choice to put them there.

- Mike Gill

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The number of people reaching out to me for help has been growing.

The number of people reaching out to me for help has been growing. I want everyone to know that I will get back to each and every one of you, but please understand that there's a number of people I have to speak to. So if it takes me a little while to call you back, please know that I am doing so as quickly as possible after hopefully assisting others.

- Mike Gill

Friday, April 10, 2015

U.S. Attorney for NH John P. Kacavas to step down

Don't let Kacavas fool you, he's leaving because he has to.  Remember when  Alex Walker had to leave Devine Millimet?  They have him hiding out at a hospital as their attorney.  Did you know Kacavas and Walker are good friends? In fact, I accused Kacavas to his face that they were friends. Kacavas told me, "No, not friends...very good friends". See, when you get caught and can't explain the situation, embrace it.  Walker and Kacavas were part of the cover-up team of FRM and many more crimes across the state.

Out of all the people I've pointed the finger at - and there have been many - say you were from the Justice Department in Washington...What piece would you attack first? Most likely it would be my choice, US Attorney Kacavas.  Just remember, boys and girls, I haven't missed on one yet.

Please watch my soon to be released video "The Art of War", where I show you very clearly why Kacavas is on the run and where we also show you corruption in the courts and multiple politicians.

- Mike Gill

Read the Article: April 10. 2015 7:52AM NH UNION LEADER: U.S. Attorney for NH John P. Kacavas to step down

WATCH: "Preview to The Art of War"

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Preview to "The Art Of War"

This is a preview of my most important video to date, "The Art of War".  Where we identify in completion multiple Politicians, Judges, Attorneys General Offices, US Attorneys, and quite literally an FBI cover-up. 

This preview shows you how it started..."The Art of War" will show you how to end it.

- Mike Gill 

ON NOTICE - U.S. Attorney Kacavas Resigns

This is a very important video.

I have been speaking publicly about FRM for many years now and have been leveraged because of it through the media.  When this started, the people of this state forgot about these victims and the public officials, courts and justice system wanted you to forget it.

The sentiment out there was that this is corrupt, what can we do about it.  That is what I heard time and again.  Well did you know that the bill just passed the Senate?  Now you are going to watch a video where it goes before the Finance Committee.  You see it IS possible, we CAN change things.  The corrupt public officials and the State of New Hampshire are responsible for the coverup of these crimes and should be punished accordingly.

The people of FRM are not asking for tax payer money.  They are asking for assistance from the State of New Hampshire.  The State can go after these officials and law firms to get this money then the guilty will be punished.  

We are going to send a message to the corrupt... NOT IN THIS STATE.


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